So, you are looking for a Laravel multivendor eCommerce script for your multivendor eCommerce website. But every script you stumble upon, either has many great features but doesn’t have the design you look for, or the opposite. 

Finding the perfect blend between beauty and functionality is always tough. That is why, we have put our heads together to deliver that perfect blend and come up with Marcatuex! The Laravel Multivendor eCommerce script you deserve for your business!

Introducing Marcatuex: Everything You Need in a Laravel Multivendor eCommerce Script

Marcatuex is a Laravel multivendor eCommerce script that has the perfect blend of clean UI/UX and great features. You will have POS integration, wallet wallet management, sales Analytics, Performance Summary, Admission Commission History, Shop Reviews, and Admin Support System – all packed into this one script. 

With lightning-fast loading speed and powerful UI/UX, you can have the best website you need to accelerate your business to another level. 

Features of Marcatuex Laravel Multivendor eCommerce Script

Marcatuex Laravel Multivendor eCommerce Script Top Features

Marcatuex has been launched with many useful and exciting features that can help your business to get a big head-start. It has great features both for the admins and the sellers. 

Admin Features

A lot of the admin-level features have been added in Marcatuex. But the most major features are – 

  • Sales Report

Checking out the sales report always gives the business owners an idea of where the businesses going, what further decisions should they make, and on which product they should move their attention. 

That is why, we have added the Sales report feature to both the admin panel and the seller panel. You will have a solid idea of the current state of your business and can make an informed decision.

  • POS Systems

We have integrated POS systems into Marcatuex right from the start. So that you can start your business immediately. 

We will integrate more payment methods very soon, so, don’t worry about that.

  • Bulk SMS

No matter how good of a product you make or how “tried and tested” your business plan is, if you can’t do good marketing, your business will fail. 

We care about your business just as much as you do it yourself. That’s why we have integrated the Bulk SMS feature. With this, you can get started with your SMS marketing and grab your first customer.

  • Seller Management

A vendor has a lot of responsibilities and among all of them, the most crucial one is managing its sellers. To make this management process smooth, we have added the seller management feature. 

  • Blogs Management

Content marketing is a crucial thing in today’s world. If you want to give a quick boost to your business, you must focus on content, and the most basic form of that is blog content.

With Marcatuex, you can publish and manage your blogs with the utmost efficiency. 

  • Subscription Management

Sending Newsletters and Emails is a very common way to interact with your customers and keep them up-to-date on recent sales events. 

With Marcatuex, admins can easily keep track of the Newsletter subscribers and send Newsletters to them with utmost efficiency.

  • System Supports

Regardless of what business you run, you have to be active in answering the queries submitted by your customers. It is a great way to show people that you care for your customers.

To make that easier, Marcatuex has a dedicated section for handling customer support.

  • Customer Reports

Getting reports from customers and handling them is a major part of sustaining your business. Getting customer reports and solving them one by one manually or searching for those reports manually is a great hassle. 

To make this easier, we have added the “Customer Reports” feature, so that you can be at ease.

Seller Features

As for the seller’s side of things, Marcatuex has a lot of cool features too. Among all the features, the major ones are – 

  • Sales Report

Sellers can check out the sales report and can give the vendors an accurate report of the current state of the business. With this, sellers will know which product they should focus on more compared to the other products.

  • Product Management

Managing product inventory can be a difficult task for anyone. Not all Laravel multivendor eCommerce script provides good quality product management functionality. 

But Marcatuex provides you with that quality and your sellers can easily manage their product inventory. 

  • Wallet Management

Getting in-detail data on the sales is very important for your multivendor eCommerce business and that’s a no-brainer. But managing those data and getting a close look at each sales data individually is a tough thing to do. 

In Marcatuex, admins can check the number of times and the amount of received payments by an individual seller easily.

  • Sells Commission

Sellers can get the commission they deserve with Marcatuex. You can track the seller’s total sales on the sales report and according to that data, you can easily calculate their commission and pay them well.

  • Shop Reviews

Customers can review any shop in Marcatuex. With this feature, customers can decide from which seller/vendor they should buy stuff. This can also indicate the vendors on which part of the business or service segment they should improve more.

You can check out the live preview of Marcatuex to get a better glimpse of how it looks from the user end. That will give you a clear idea of how good the Marcatuex eCommerce Multivendor Script is.

If you have some extraordinary feature ideas you want to share with us which will add a new layer of uniqueness to Marcatuex, please submit them in the Marcatuex Roadmap.

Use Cases of Marcatuex Laravel Multivendor eCommerce Script

A multivendor website can have many use cases. If you’ve been searching for a multivendor website script in Laravel, you might know that already. Marcatuex has plenty of use cases too.

Let’s take a look at the various use cases of Marcatuex, shall we?

Grocery Website

Running a multi-vendor website with grocery products is not an uncommon thing these days. A lot of multivendor eCommerce giants and medium business uses such to expand their reach to more customers. 

If you run a multi-vendor grocery website, Marcatuex can be a key player in expanding your business. 

You can manage your sellers, send bulk SMS to your customers and go on with your marketing operations, you can manage the products, wallets, and sales commission all with this one script.

And did we forget to mention that there is also a POS system integrated into the script too?

Medical Accessories & Medicine Website

If you want to run a multivendor eCommerce website full of medical accessories & medicines, Marcatuex can be the perfect multivendor eCommerce website script for you. 

You can allow sellers of multiple medical accessories brands and sell their products in the most convenient way possible. 

Just as stated in the “Grocery Website” use case, you can use all those features with utmost comfort.

Jewelry Website

Owning a jewelry business can be very overwhelming at times. Especially if you want to make it a multivendor eCommerce business.

Well, with Marcatuex, those overwhelming problems can be solved within a few moments. You can keep track of the sales of the jewelry sellers easily. You can manage all your sellers, subscribers, and sales commission easily. 

Marcatuex will provide you with the convenience you yearned for in your business and make your business operations smooth as butter.

Gadgets Website

Being surrounded by the most tech-savvy generation, you will need to have the most versatile collection of gadgets to be their favorite place to shop. 

To do so, you will need a large number of products from multiple gadget niches of multiple companies. 

With Marcatuex, you can easily manage everything. 

Marcatuex Laravel Multivendor eCommerce Script Pricing Plan


marcatuex yearly pricing plan

marcatuex LTD pricing plan ss

Marcatuex offers both Yearly and LTD plans so that you can choose plans according to your budget and convenience. 

We have three pricing packages – Personal, Developer, and Agency package.

Throughout all the packages under yearly pricing plans, you will get updates and support for 1 year. Under the LTD plan, you will receive lifetime updates and support.

Regardless of the pricing plans, in the Personal package, you will receive a license for a single website. For the developer package, you will get a license for up to 5 websites, and for the Agency package, you will receive a license for up to 100 websites.

Upcoming Features of Marcatuex

CRM Integration

As we’ve stated before, we care for your business just as much as you do. To centralize all of your operations in a single platform, we have decided to integrate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools into Marcatuex. So, stay tuned with us.

Import/Export Product List in Expected Format

Since you are looking for a Laravel multivendor eCommerce script, there is a chance that you have already used one that did not fit your needs. Buying a new one and setting everything up is a very time-consuming thing to do.

There is also a chance that you might want your product list to be in a documented format so that you can have a track record of them.

That is why, we will implement this feature so that you can export or import your product list in any format you desire.


In a nutshell, Marcatuex is the complete Laravel Multivendor eCommerce script package that has the perfect blend of beautiful UI, fast performance, and useful features. So without any further ado, get Marcatuex now!